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SVS Comfort & Safety Service – from only £110

Aircon for your Comfort

Air conditioning isn’t just great for those hot summer days; it’s a great tool for demisting windows during the winter months too. That’s why it’s so important to have it working throughout the year. At SVS we recommend having your air conditioning system serviced with gas and lubricant every two years to keep it running efficiently.

The most common complaint with air conditioning comes when the vents stop blowing cold air. More often than not, this is the first sign your car is due an air conditioning re-gas. A musty smell coming from your car’s air conditioning is common if your air-con hasn’t been used for long periods and usually means that your pollen filter is in need of an anti-bacterial clean to remove any bacteria build up.

Our Comfort & Safety Service includes Recharge & Anti-bacterial Refresh to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency from your aircon (normally from £80)


Brake Fluid for your Safety

Do you know the last time your brake fluid was changed?

Over time, your brake fluid retains moisture. If too much moisture builds up, the brake fluid can boil while you’re braking, seriously affecting performance. It can cause the brakes to fail. A spongy feel to the brake pedal shows you this has started to happen.

A brake fluid change is not routinely done as part of a normal service and unless you ask for it, chances are it won’t be done.

To keep your brakes in tip top condition and give you peace of mind, brake fluid should be changed every two years.

Our Comfort & Safety Service includes complete brake fluid change (normally £45)

For complete peace of mind, book yours now on 01382 221493 or e-mail