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Inspection Service

At SVS we offer a full Inspection Service for your vehicle.

Section 1 – Interior & Electrics

  • Check condition & operation of seat belts
  • Visual check of airbags
  • Check function of all interior lights
  • Check function of all warning lights
  • Check function of horn
  • Check function of exterior lights

Section 2 – Vehicle Exterior

  • Check function of wipers & washers
  • Check/adjust washers as required
  • Check central locking & window operation
  • Visual inspection of all light lenses
  • Visual inspection of all mirrors

Section 3

  • Drain engine oil & replace oil filter
  • Engine bay visual check
  • Check drivebelts & pulleys and adjust as required
  • Visual inspection of all suspension components
  • Remove wheels and check all brake linings
  • Check routing/condition of all brake lines/cables
  • Visual inspection of exhaust and hangers
  • Refit wheels and torque to manufacturers spec
  • Visual inspection of tyres and record tread depths
  • Check/adjust tyre pressures (incl. spare)
  • Engine oil replenish

Section 4

  • Check vehicle history of cambelt & alternator belt
  • Check vehicle history of fuel, air & pollen filters
  • Check vehicle history of brake fluid & spark plugs
  • Check coolant frost protection
  • Top-up screenwash
  • Carry our vehicle systems diagnostic check

SVS Full Service

As above but with the addition of:

  • Petrol Engines – replace spark plugs/air and pollen filters
  • Diesel Engines – replace fuel, air & pollen filters